Los Angeles Celebrity Designer, Adam Hunter

Art is every part of my life .

Adam Hunter

Now I get why Architectural DigestElle DecorVOGUE, and House Beautiful have recognized this talented star.  Over the last decade, Los Angeles-based celebrity designer Adam Hunter has made a positive mark in the interior design world. Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with him at his LA office to gain a clearer understanding around his passion for art, his favorite music, and so much more.  With an addictive Instagram feed, and a client roster that includes Neil Patrick HarrisMad Men’s Christina Hendricks, and skincare maven Kate Somerville, I look forward to watching Adam’s career continue to blossom! 

1. You are a very respected designer, how did you go from Broadway to design? Well, thank you for that. Broadway will always be a part of my soul but wasn’t my favorite career. Design is my passion. Upon moving to LA, I was able to spread my wings into Interior Design with Kate Somerville on Melrose Place which (lucky for me) was published in VOGUE. 

2. How close do you feel to art, and what is your favorite art movement? I think that art is the heart of any project. It brings a story to material and color. I grew up in Chicago and spent many many years perusing the Art Institute. Impressionists were always my favorite and I like to incorporate that vibe into the textiles I use.

3. How do you get inspired when you have a new challenge in front of you? Fashion is my main influence for anything. Every high heel or bag I see becomes a room.  I follow so many fashion editorials that spark ideas in a days work. 

4. What projects are you working on at the moment? Our current projects are in San Francisco, Los Cabos, Nashville, NYC and Los Angeles.

5. What is an average day like for Adam Hunter? I’m so glad you’ve asked!  Please check out my recent interview with Architectural Digest to look at A Day with Celebrity Adam Hunter. 

6. Do you listen to any particular kind of music? If so, what’s on your playlist now?  HAMILTON ALL THE TIME, EVERY SECOND!

7. What’s the last film you watched?  Marie Antoinette 

8. How influenced are you by art in your work and art in your life? To quote Sondheim: Children and Art” Does anything else really matter? Art is every part of my life.

9. Do you have icons? Steve Jobs, Zaha Hadid, Meryl Streep, Paul Smith, Tom Ford, Mandy Patinkin, Stephen Sondheim.

10. What is the last exhibition you saw and what did you like about it? I was able to get tickets to the Yayoi Kusama show at The Broad in Los Angeles. It was astonishing. Her dots are an example of taking something simple and letting the imagination run wild. Definitely inspiring.

Adam Hunter
Photo Credit: Melissa Musgrove

To learn more about Adam Hunter, click here

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