NY-Based Artist, David Paul Kay

In the spring of 2017, I attended the ArtBridge art auction and fundraiser at 75 Wall Street in New York.  During the event, I felt compelled to bid (and won) a large 70″ x 70″ black and white ‘Andy Warhol’ painting created and donated by New York-based artist, David Paul Kay.  As I got to know David over the coming months I featured him in my video featuring 5 of my favorite artists right now. I became drawn to his process, positive energy, and was determined to do a project with him.  As I began proposing artists for Soho House for their 2018 series in West Hollywood, I reached out with the hope of creating something special together.  The result:  “Twelve – CircleOfTime” was born.  The new installation of 12 paintings explores the notion of human cognitive approach to time. So relevant when you consider that time revolves around everything we do, every day.   During my travels between NY and LA, I recognized I had been missing living in the moment.  David’s new work reminded me to stop and listen, to breathe deeply, feel the sensations in my body, and to be kind to myself.  I could not have predicted attending an art event would turn into a personal passion project but thank you David — for bringing this fresh work to reality.  Thank you for sharing this series with me/us!  If you would like to schedule a private viewing in LA, reach out via email here.

Painting #7 in the series “Twelve, Circle of Time” now on display at Soho House West Hollywood.David Paul Kay, “7”, 40×30 inches, Acrylic on Panel


Artist’s commissions and collaborations include Equinox Orchard street showroom mural on Lower East Side NYC, Cadillac live car art piece during ArtBasel Miami, TWO12 rooftop mural of a luxury residential building in Williamsburg Brooklyn, G Lounge & Gallery 5000+ sqft original interior mural in Chelsea Manhattan, East Village Mural at Ideal Glass Gallery, Several murals on Lower East Side in collaboration with 100 Gates Project including MOTTNYC, rooftop piece “HK52” in Midtown Manhattan, original interior piece at Innovation Dan in Coeur d’Alene and more. 

David Paul Kay's rooftop mural at 212 N. 9th St, Brooklyn, NY, 2017
David Paul Kay’s rooftop mural at 212 N. 9th St, Brooklyn, NY, 2017


Curiosity is where David Paul Kay’s work is born. He asks questions and tries to answer them while creating work. Anything is a medium and anywhere is a gallery. He discovered his code, his individual language through which he calibrates his thoughts and translate them in his work.  Art, just like life, starts with nothing and has an opportunity to turn into anything … everything. He chases those opportunities. Creating is his way of challenging time.  He decapitates his thoughts, feelings and then recreates them by following his own chaotic yet organic system of impulses. How he paints is how he sees and understands the universe, she is intricate, unpredictable yet so easy to understand and navigate.  David Paul Kay observes, feels, processes and I always comes to the same conclusion — that everything is simply complicated. 

Another mural in New York City by David Paul Kay, 2016
Another mural in New York City by David Paul Kay, 2016


David has hosted several solo exhibitions and his work has been included in numerous group shows in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Dubai.  For the May 2018 series at Soho House West Hollywood, he is exclusively working with LA and NY based Art Advisor, Kipton Cronkite. 

Standing in front of the David Paul Kay painting I won in the ArtBridge silent auction, 2017.
Standing in front of the David Paul Kay painting I won in the ArtBridge silent auction, 2017.

Kipton Cronkite

I see great spaces and architectural environments as canvases for great art. My passion is to connect beautiful homes with the works of emerging and established artists - as it is through art that the true essence of space can be fully realized.

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