Mindful Art Collecting

Kipton inside The Scenario Studio: Interactive Photo Experience at 262 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, November 2019

One of my favorite things to do when working with new clients is visiting your home—getting a sense of your space, listening to your goals, and witnessing your connection to all that art and design bring to your life. Over the last decade, I’ve worked with a diverse group of collectors from coast to coast. My goal is to find the right art and artists for you—now and looking out to the future. 

As I mentioned in a recent interview with Mansion Global’s Lambeth Hochwald:  “Ten years ago, people would say ‘I need a giant piece to hang over my sofa or in my dining room. Now it’s ‘let’s be more thoughtful about the piece,’ no matter the size. An art adviser can help research works that you might want to collect and help you make sure the work is authentic; knowing the history of a particular piece can help ensure its provenance.”

Through meditation and yoga practices the last couple years, I have discovered a deeper mindfulness, become more sensitive to the artists and type of art I select for my clients.   This focused perspective has helped propel my business forward.

Over the last few years, I have been honored to work with collectors worldwide who share an elevated mindfulness around collecting art. Whatever it is, I’m loving it! I still love New York (and miss all my friends there) but as I become more comfortable in Los Angeles—learning to sail, surf, and adjust to the tropical sunshine—I’ve been thrilled to work with collectors of all ages and budgets. As the wealth of the new art buyers grows, there are still opportunities in the $5,000 range. Some of those projects have been surprisingly nostalgic—harkening back to the 1960s and 70s.  My successful exhibition of Slim Aarons in NY proved that the public (and my clients) gain comfort in acquiring works from 1950s-1970s (ie. Slim Aarons ‘Pool Side Gossip’ from 1970).  Contemporary art is an investment in your home—your most important asset gets more beautiful, inspiring you every day.

Kipton Cronkite

I see great spaces and architectural environments as canvases for great art. My passion is to connect beautiful homes with the works of emerging and established artists - as it is through art that the true essence of space can be fully realized.

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