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This March I was introduced to Interior Designer, David Brian Sanders through mutual friends in LA.  Walking into his Melrose office at 10am, I was greeted by his adorable little dog and as I knelt to pet him, I heard this kind voice from the other room who hailed, “Be right there! Would you like a coffee?”  In that moment I knew we would become fast friends — cheerful and polite people win every time! 

At the time of our first meeting, I was in the midst of renovating my Hollywood Hills home and completely stressed with all the decisions I needed to make: what colors are best, fabrics, fixtures, flooring, furniture and more!   David could tell I was distracted with the house, so started asking me questions that calmed my nerves.  I recognized that he gently guided me through the process of choices and I began to relax and loosen up knowing that everything would come together smoothly.  Mid conversation, he stood up and pulled out a tray of fabrics and stones.  He said, “Your kitchen should be all white, with white quartz countertops, and you should definitely have black velvet fabric on your midcentury modern Danish chairs.”  Reflecting back to our first meeting, I want to thank David for the kindness you shared that day.  You helped piece my ideas together and I realized why clients love working with you!  I needed an objective opinion of confidence and clarity. This was not the meeting I was expecting (but was so happy it went so well)!

David told me, "Your kitchen should be all white, with white quartz countertops, and you should definitely have black velvet fabric on your midcentury modern Danish chairs." He was right!
David told me, “Your kitchen should be all white, with white quartz countertops, and you should definitely have black velvet fabric on your midcentury modern Danish chairs.” He was right!

Since then, David and I have had the opportunity to professionally collaborate.  In April, I invited him to speak to the attendees at the artist reception for Renee Phillips at Soho House West Hollywood around the importance of art in the design process and look forward to working with him again (and for many years to come!). 

with artist Renee Phillips at the opening reception I curated at Soho House West Hollywood, April 2018
with artist Renee Phillips at the opening reception I curated at Soho House West Hollywood, April 2018

Upon entering the David’s design studio in the heart of the Los Angeles design district, his warm smile and welcoming demeanor makes one feel as if you are catching up with an old friend. This is one of the reasons that the Atlanta native has become one of the most sought after interior designers in Los Angeles and Nationwide. Despite his popularity and success with some of the most discerning members of the Hollywood elite, Sanders remains true to his southern roots and values.  A true design enthusiast, Sanders describes his passion to bring affordable elegance to every household in America. His classic modern furniture designs result in progressive shapes and finishes that are multifunctional and durable, aimed to be compatible in most every environment.   His ultimate goal with The Basics by DAVID BRIAN SANDERS and The Collection by DAVID BRIAN SANDERS is to create furniture which thrills the end consumer with its price value relationship.  Simply put pieces that look and feel way beyond what the consumer paid for it.

Last week, I sat down with David and picked his brain about his career, hobbies, and goals.  I hope you’ll take time to get to know him and reach out to him if you’re in the process of designing or redesigning your home! 

Get To Know Q&A: LA-based interior designer, David Brian Sanders

Q: When you say interior design is your calling, when did you have that AHA moment? 

DBS: I had been interested in all things design even as a 10, 11 year old kid.  My room was ever changing as a child, and loved the way pattern and colors and textures were always married.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the Hollywood elite who are your clients? 

DBS: The reason I stay as one of the most discrete designers in the community and beyond, is because of the fact I never kiss and tell!!

Q: What was the most outrageous design project you’ve done?

DBS: I had the privilege and honor to work on one of the largest residential remodels in the USA, a few years back, but of course I can’t mention names.  However, it is located in Holmby Hills, CA.

Q: If you could design anyone’s home, who would it be?  

DBS: I would love to collaborate with Bill and Melinda Gates. Their integrity, and responsibility for their purpose in  life is and should be an example to us all.  

Q: If you are renovating on a budget and are unable to afford an interior designer, where do recommend people look for design tips? 

DBS: There are a number of platforms people can go to, Houzz, West Elm,, CB2 is a go –to of mine.  

Q: Everyone adores your southern charm but where does your kindness come from? 

DBS: My Mom and Dad.

Q: Can you share what hobbies you love to do outside of building your interior design business?  

DBS: I am an avid runner, weight lifter, soul cycler, and now in love with Rumble Boxing.  I love Theatre, movies and BOOKS!! More people need to read!!

Q: As an accomplished chef, do your clients rely on your expertise in the kitchen to design unique kitchens for those who love to cook?  

DBS: Yes, I would say most often they ask me for my input on custom kitchens. 

Q: What trends are you seeing right now in LA and in general?

DBS: The use of Black both inside and outside of the home.  I keep using it as an exterior color on homes, buildings doors, windows etc..

Q: Who is your ideal client?   

DBS: My ideal client, are the ones, who respect the service, creative process, and most importantly, they have respect, gratitude,  and passion for their lives!!

Sanders holds a dual degree in sociology and psychology from The University of Miami and is also a trained chef. He is a graduate of the Peter Kumps School of Culinary Arts in New York City. Prior to leaving New York, Sanders was the executive corporate chef at the famed Flavors Restaurant. David Brian Sanders currently resides in Los Angeles. He has appeared on several national television shows including: Hosting A&E Network’s House versus House, Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker as the resident interior designer and a special home makeover edition of Fox’s America’s Most Wanted.  His work has been published in RENOVATION STYLE, TRADITIONAL HOME and THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. He has been featured on and and numerous other design blogs. His furniture line is currently in production.  His candle line DAVID BRIAN SANDERS PRIVATE COLLECTION is available at specialty retailers nationwide or at

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